CHBE Department Mission

The Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering will serve the State of Montana and the nation through excellence in learning, discovery and engagement to meet the land grant mission of accessibility and value at Montana State University.

Approved May 2015

Chemical Engineering Program Educational Objectives

Our graduates:

  • will be confident in their ability to apply chemical engineering fundamentals.
  • will be effective communicators and team members.
  • will be highly ethical engineering professionals.
  • will have the ability to pursue lifelong learning.
  • will be proactive problem solvers.
  • will embrace process safety.

Approved May 2014

Biological Engineering Program Educational Objectives

Biological Engineering graduates will:

  1. Have fundamental engineering skills, current technical knowledge, and professional skills to effectively practice biological engineering.
  2. Demonstrate professional responsibility in safely performing engineering tasks and be willing to accept ethical responsibility for the social and environmental impacts of engineering practices.
  3. Be able to communicate with diverse, global audiences and to work with and lead integrated teams and communities.
  4. Be critical, creative, and independent thinkers who use their technical expertise to address societal needs and advance their field.

To achieve the program educational objectives, the Department will recruit, support, and retain high-quality faculty and staff, and provide facilities and equipment to create an atmosphere conducive to learning, engagement, and discovery.

Approved May 2016

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