hot oven

High Temperature Furnace System


Nine high-temperature furnaces allow continuous thermal cycling, in-situ area specific resistance testing, and long term thermal gravimetric analysis among other applications. Most often they are ran at 800°C to simulate fuel cell operating conditions.

Dual atmosphere

Dual Atmosphere Exposure


The tubular flow-through geometry of this furnace allows exposure of metal samples to hydrogen on one side and air on the other at high temperatures. This simulates the reducing and oxidizing atmosphere experienced by the interconnect in fuel cells.


Area Specific Resistance


Our laboratory set up allows us to test the area specific resistance (ASR) of various samples at high temperatures in oxidizing environments. This helps to determine if a particular coating is performing well (i.e. low electrical resistance increase over time) in an environment similar to operating conditions.

Controlled Atmosphere

Controlled Single Atmosphere Exposure


This apparatus exposes a sample to oxidation in a metered gas flow.  Composition of the gas stream may be varied to explore a multitude of single atmosphere operating conditions.

Chromium Transpiration

Chromium Transpiration


Our laboratory device provides a method of quantifying chromium volatility by oxidizing samples in moist air and analyzing condensate for chromium.  This method is used to compare coating performance on stainless steel samples.