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The interface of biology and chemical engineering is fueling a rapid development of promising technologies.  MSU is training our Biological Engineering students to be at the forefront of these new biological processes including production of renewable fuels and chemicals, the use of microorganisms to remediate our damaged environment, and development of advanced biotechnologies to improve human health. In a rapidly changing landscape, our students will be equipped to capitalize on tomorrow’s breakthroughs that are resulting from today’s biotechnological discoveries.

The Biological Engineering degree at MSU was established to prepare students for this new biotech world.  Our faculty expertise in biotechnology and chemical, environmental, and biological engineering is currently addressing some of the world’s most pressing problems.  Building on a range of backgrounds, our department conducts cutting-edge research in diverse areas of biotechnology. Many of our undergraduate students work in research laboratories and study biotech solutions to real world problems.

woman working at a fume hood
Biological engineering integrates engineering principles and a deep knowledge of biological systems to solve some of the most challenging problems facing our world.
We are now training the next generation of biological engineers. The Chemical and Biological Engineering Department offers the Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Engineering, as well as advanced degrees structured on these research areas.  Our department is an integral part of the MSU College of Engineering, a nationally recognized program which focuses on student centered learning.  Here at MSU, you'll be surrounded by friendly, supportive faculty and staff, and an unparalleled natural environment.

Biological Engineering Research Areas