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Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering Newsletter

Fall 2014

McLain Leonard in the student lab

Jeff Heys, PhD, Department Head

A Celebration of Past and Future

It has been quite a year for Montana State University.  The department welcomed one of its largest freshman classes ever with about 160 students...


Faculty Excellence

Paul Gannon — J. Bruce Bagner, Jr. Young Investigator Award from the Electrochemical Society High Temperature Materials Division.

Brent Peyton — Meritorious Technology/Science Award from the Vice President for Research and Economic Development.


Robin Gerlach — Cox Faculty Award for Creative Scholarship and Teaching.


Karlene Hoo — promoted to Dean of the Graduate School



Introducing the New Faculty

Jim Wilking

A Rhodes Scholar and Marshall Scholar

Joe Thiel

Bryan Vadheim

Joe Thiel was selected as a 2013 Rohodes Scholar to Oxford University, where he will pursue master's degrees in public policy and the economics of development.



Bryan Vadheim of Miles City is Montana State University's first Marshall Scholar.  He plans to earn a master's degree from the London School of Economics as well as a master's degree in engineering specializing in water science.


Goldwater Scholarship Recipients

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Recipients

ChBE boasts four Goldwater Scholarship recipients in the past three years.


40th reunion

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