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Fall 2012

Brent Peyton and graduate student Karen Moll in biofuels lab

Jeff Heys, PhD, Department Head

Twenty years ago, I attended the New Freshman Orientation at MSU. I signed up for Chemical Engineering not because I knew anything about the field but because I was offered a small scholarship for the first year.


Faculty Excellence

Abigail Richards — Outstanding Advisor Award from the engineering honor society Tau Beta Pi

Joseph Seymour — Lloyd Berg Faculty Mentorship Award from College of Engineering

Ron Larsen — promoted to associate provost


ChBE Fall Enrollment Growth
ChBE Alumni
Jean Sweeney, Vice President for Environment, Health, Safety and Sustainability for 3M; David Huizenga, Senior Advisor for the Office of Environmental Management at the U.S. Department of Energy Jean Sweeney, left, and David Huizenga
Hilary Fabich explains magnetic resonance imaging
Hilary Fabich

Hilary Fabich grew up south of Livingston, the daughter of a game warden and a teacher. In what she calls “the best childhood possible,” she had a passion for music and did such Montana things as help her father wrangle snakes and bears. More

Sliepcevich estate funds scholarships in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering
NSF graduate research fellowship recipients
NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Recipients

ChBE boasts six National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship recipients in the past three years.


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